Library Membership

You can apply for a library membership to borrow materials from the library at circulation counters both of campuses and there is
no charge.

Membership for Students

Please bring along the following items:
 1) Student I.D card
 2) The current registration receipt

Membership for Faculty and Staff

Please bring along the following items:
 1) I.D. card

Membership for Outsiders

•  Two one-by-one inch (1x1) current photographs.
•  Copies of current Identity Card and Census Record.
•  Membership Fee 2,000 Baht/year
•  Damage Insurance Fee 3,000 Baht (One time payment)
•  Damage Insurance Fee will be refunded upon expiration of membership.
 If not claimed within six months, then it becomes an income of the library.

Membership Responsibilities

•  A membership card is non-transferable.
•  The member is responsible for materials borrowed for the library, and pays for the cost of lost or damaged books.