Browse Search is a kind of general searching, and search result will be sort by alphabetical.
Search Pattern >> Type in words or phrases in Search Pattern box 
Field/Category >> Select Field/Category (Ex. Author, Title, Subject, etc.)
Database >> Select Database.
Type >> Select Type.
Language >> Select Language used in the materials.
Publishing Country >> Select Publishing Country.
Item Location >> Select Location of resources.
Item Class >> Select Class of materials (Ex. Books, Reference, Serials, etc.)
Year of Publication >> Type year 4 digit to limit PubDate.
Line per page >> Select the number of results to be displayed per page.
Search >> Click Search for searching of results to be arrange.
Reset >> Click Reset for clear words or phrases in new search.





Steps in Using Browse Search

1. Type in words or phrases in Search Pattern box.





2. Select Field/Category.




3. Select Database for searching.
4. Select Type of Item Class (Ex. Books, Reference, Serials, etc.) or select All.
5. Select Language used in the materials or select All.
6. Select Publishing Country or select All.


7. Click Search for searching.
If you are searching for author, it will display a list of authors and select icon in the bottom for next pages, previous pages The list of results you can click on records. It will display the bibliographic information.