• Follow these steps to configure your browser to use the Library Proxy Server.
• Your web browser must be set to accept all cookies. 


• These instructions are for the latest version of Microsoft Edge
Step 1  Click the icon at the upper-right corner. 
Step 2   Click on the Settings to open the settings dialog box. 

Step 3  Scroll down and click view advanced setting on dialog box. 

Step 4  Scroll down and click on open proxy settings.
Step 5  Click off on Automatically detect settings.
           Click on Use setup script.
           Enter or paste http://au.edu/proxy.pac in the Script address field.
          Click Save button


Step 6  Visit library website at www.library.au.edu for searching from electronic resources. (The pop up must be allowed)

Step 7  - Enter your "User name" and "Password" field. (AU Account)
Step 8  - Click Log In to proceed.