• Follow these steps to configure your browser to use the Library Proxy Server.
• Your web browser must be set to accept all cookies. 


• These instructions are for the latest version of Google Chrome.
Step 1  Click the icon at the upper-right corner. 
Step 2   Click on the Settings to open the settings dialog box. 

Step 3  Click on the icon at the upper-left corner.   

Step 4  Scroll down and click on the Advanced.
Step 5   Scroll down and click on the System.

Step 6  Click on the Open proxy settings.

Step 7  Click on the Connections tab.
Step 8  Click on the LAN Settings button. 

Step 9  Uncheck Automatically detect settings, then check mark at Use automatic configuration script.
   - Enter or paste http://au.edu/proxy.pac in the Address field.
Warning: Do not insert any empty spaces before or after the URL.
(Ignore the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" check box.)
Step 10  Click OK button to save the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings.
Step 11  Click OK button to close the Internet Properties window.

Step 12  Visit library website at www.library.au.edu for searching from electronic resources. (The pop up must be allowed)

Step 13  - Enter your "User name" and "Password" field. (AU Account)
Step 14  - Click Log In to proceed.