Proxy Server Configuration - For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch You Configure your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to access the proxy server on your current wireless network. Follow these steps to configure your device to use the AU Proxy Server. This setup will remain in effect until cancel it.
Step 1.  Go to Settings.


Step 2.  Select Wi-Fi.


Step 3.  Wi-Fi Status Bar Switch "ON".
Step 4.  Select the Wi-Fi Network to which you are connected


Step 5.  In the Wi-Fi Networks window, tap on the arrow to the right of your Wi-Fi network name. Your IP Address selection should be DHCP.
Step 6.  Scroll down to the bottom of the scree to HTTP Proxy.


Step 7.  Select HTTP Proxy Menu "Auto"
Step 8.  Enter in the URL text box


Test your proxy connection
If your setup has been successful, you will now be prompted for your proxy username and password each time you connect to a library E-Resources using your mobile device and this wireless network.
Step 9. 
Go back to the home screen and open your web browser go to then click to E-Resources that you need such as Emerald will be asked for your AU's Account login.
Enter your "User Name" and Password" field.   
Click OK to proceed.