The AU Library seeks to provide all users with a welcoming, library’s resources, and a good environment. We offer a variety of accessibility services and equipment in support of learning, teaching, and research for all users. You can access to a world class collection, a document delivery service, and guidance on information searching skills development.


Who can access AU Library 

1.   Member of the AU community

o  AU Administrators

o  Faculty

o  Students

o  Staff

 2.   Visitors/outsiders

        Not only AU student, faculty, or staff member but the visitors/outsiders who interested in using our libraries? We are welcome. 

Membership for visitors/outsiders are required: 

• Two one-by-one inch (1x1) current photographs.

• Copies of current Identity Card and Census Record.

• Membership Fee 2,000 Baht/year

• Damage Insurance Fee 3,000 Baht (One-time payment)

• Damage Insurance Fee will be refunded upon expiration of membership. 

 If not claimed within six months, then it becomes an income of the library.


Please note: during COVID-19 Pandemic, Assumption University Library is open only for authorized faculty, students, and staff until further notice.


Entering the Library

Currently, we have 2 libraries across our two campuses. At Hua Mak Campus, we have St. Gabriel’s Library located at St. Gabriel’s Building and at Suvarnabhumi Campus, we have Cathedral of Learning Library located at 2nd – 6th floor of Cathedral of Learning building.

When you come into the library, you can decide what are the best information and spaces for you.

  • For member of AU community ID card is needed to hold with you for entering and borrowing books from the library.
  • For visitors/outsiders fill in the entering procedure form at the circulation counter on the day.


Access via Library Web Site

The AU Library offers access browser extension to a large number of library electronic resources, no matter where you are. This means you will have more time to spend on your learning and teaching activities or research instead of trying to get access to sources.

On campus

When using a campus computer or while on the AU Wifi, access to library resources is automatic. 

Of-campus access

When you are not on a campus, you can use our proxy server to check for a library subscription electronic resources to specific content. Learn more how to setting AU Proxy

After setting the proxy, you can select the content you want to access that you're being asked to pay for. If we have a subscription, you’ll be prompted to log in with your Au Account for immediate access.